Woman Who Stole Niece’s Inheritance Ends up Penniless Living in a Trailer: ‘Karma Comes into Play!’

A woman lost what was owed to her when her aunt stole her inheritance.Everything, including her grandfather’s house and all its contents, which included his World War II medals, became possessions of her aunt after the theft.

However, in the end, the aunt ended up penniless and living in a trailer as a result of what is believed to be bad karma.An unknown woman took to Reddit to share a story about how she ended up losing all her inheritance to her aunt, who schemed her way into stealing her niece’s assets that were left to her.

She starts her story by revealing the tension between members of her family. According to her, her aunt, who was always favored and spoiled by her mother (the Reddit woman’s grandmother), despite her unsavory antics and behavior, would cause contention amongst her sister’s side of the family.

A couple of months before the woman on Reddit’s grandfather passed away in 2004, her grandmother decided to draw up a new will, for which her mother and her aunt were present. That original will stipulated a fair split of assets between the couple’s children (25% each to the two daughters) and grandchildren (the rest of the 50% to be split evenly amongst them).

The Woman’s Aunt May Have Thought She Won, but Karma Came Back to Get Her

One of the assets included in the will was the grandfather’s house, which was worth more than $650,000 at the time. Six years following her grandfather’s passing, her mother tragically died due to an accident, and to make matters worse, she did not have any will in place. At the time of her demise, she had lost her business, was renting a residence as opposed to owning one, and had very little monetary wise.

When it came time to plan her funeral, she entrusted her daughter to ensure everything she wanted, including what people would wear and the musical choices. However, according to the daughter, her aunt and her grandmother took over the plans for the funeral and did not include any of her mother’s requests.

The story tells a tale of the rules of karma, which stipulate that what goes around comes around.

After the funeral, the woman from Reddit said that her grandmother changed her will, stipulating that her late mother’s half would go to her and her siblings. Her aunt told them she had no involvement in the drafting of the new document.

When her grandmother passed away in 2016, and when it came time to prepare for the funeral, the woman discovered that her grandmother’s plans for the funeral were in exact alignment with what she chose to do for her mother’s funeral. This led her to believe that her grandmother had essentially treated her mother’s funeral as a makeshift dress rehearsal for hers.

Fast forward to a couple of months after her grandmother died, the woman and her siblings awaited the hearing of the will, but each time the conversation got brought up, her aunt would brush her off, telling her that it would take another month or so to happen.

Although the woman asserted that she wasn’t fussing about the money, her siblings had already planned what they intended to do with their shares.As the days passed with no word from her aunt about when the will reading was set to take place, the Reddit woman’s father decided to intervene. Upon bumping into the solicitor her grandmother had used to draft her will, her dad asked the gentleman what was happening.

To his surprise, the solicitor informed him that the will had already been read, and it stipulated leaving everything to the aunt. Moreover, they learned that contrary to what the aunt told her niece, she was present when the grandmother changed her will, despite denying this initially. When they confronted the aunt, she eventually admitted to lying and showed them the will. The woman revealed:

“The house and all its contents were now my aunt’s. This included my Grandad’s war medals (he fought in the second world war).”

Despite informing her aunt that her grandfather had left his possessions specifically to her, her aunt was relentlessly unwilling to part with anything that came to be in her possession. They attempted to take the matter to court, to which they were told that the case would most likely not turn out in their favor.

To add insult to injury, the aunt ended up listing the house for sale for over $980,000 because she wanted to put a deposit on a place closer to one of her children and get away from the people she had continuously upset by her less than pleasant personality. However, according to the woman, her aunt’s plans were thwarted:

“Here’s where karma comes into play! The people who wanted my nan’s house had a survey done on the house to see if there were issues, and oh boy were there. Turns out that the land the house was built on [was] way too soft for the type of house it was, and it was sinking.”

After the discovery, the house’s total value amounted to only about $78,000, and the interested buyers immediately pulled out of the deal, which meant her aunt could not afford her new place, but still had to pay for the deposit on the home. After dealing with difficult circumstances and being miserable for two years, she managed to sell the house for a little over $110,000 and moved in with her daughter in the city.

The Reddit woman eventually lost contact with her aunt but bumped into one of her friends who told her what happened to her aunt after she left town. She learned that when the aunt moved in with her daughter, things started to take a turn for the worse.

The aunt and her partner moved into her daughter’s three-bedroom apartment with the daughter’s three children, making the place extremely cramped. A month into her new life, her partner ran off after draining her account, leaving her nothing.

Tensions arose between the aunt, who failed to contribute to their living situation, and her daughter, which ultimately led to the woman getting kicked out of her daughter’s place. In the end, the aunt, who was unable to work because of severe arthritis issues, found herself with nothing to her name and living in a trailer.

The story tells a tale of the rules of karma, which stipulate that what goes around comes around. After deceiving her family and cheating them out of their rightful inheritance, the aunt was left with nothing.

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