When questioned about Bruce Willis’ retirement, Arnold Schwarzenegger responds in a perfect way.

When questioned about Bruce Willis’ retirement, Arnold Schwarzenegger responds in a perfect way.

Bruce Willis stopped acting last year owing to aphasia issues and received a frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. But as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable action performers, the celebrity leaves an immense legacy.

A fellow celebrity is honoring Willis as an all-time great action legend and giving touching remarks regarding his retirement.

Scroll down to read the entire postOver the course of his career, Bruce Willis participated in many famous movies, such as Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense. Still, he will always be best remembered for his role as John McClane in the action classic Die Hard and its numerous sequels.

Depending on who you ask, Die Hard is also recognized as one of the best Christmas movies. Die Hard is one of the greatest action movies of all time. Willis was a proper action movie star, appearing in such blockbusters as Armageddon, Sin City, and Red.

When the Terminator star was recently questioned about Willis’ retirement from acting, Arnie commented on Willis’ legacy. The great Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the few action heroes who can call him a peer.

“I believe he is wonderful. He has been a huge, huge star for years and years.” Schwarzenegger also called him a “kind man” while telling CinemaBlend that he “will always be remembered as a great star.”

“I get that he was forced to retire due to his health-related situations. However, in general, we never actually retire.”One of Hollywood’s last true action megastars ended with Willis’ retirement. Last year, Sylvester Stallone dubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger and himself “the last two tyrannosaurus,” establishing a bond via their distinct position as action veterans.

In the same interview, Stallone expressed his sympathy for Willis, saying, “Bruce is going through some really, very difficult times… That makes me so sick. It’s awful.”

In the movie, The Expendables, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Willis all had joint appearances. They were the first three famous people to invest in the Planet Hollywood restaurant business.

Even while it’s disappointing that Bruce Willis won’t be acting anymore, Schwarzenegger is correct: he’ll always be recognized as one of Hollywood’s greatest action heroes.


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