Vin Diesel Has Cared for Late Paul Walker’s Daughter for Years & Barely Holds Back Tears Talking about Her

Vin Diesel Has Cared for Late Paul Walker’s Daughter for Years & Barely Holds Back Tears Talking about Her

The daughter of “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker was 15 when her father tragically died at the age of 40.Meadow Walker severed all ties with her late father’s family but found protection and support from her godfather, Vin Diesel.

A decade after Walker’s death, 55-year-old Diesel emotionally talks about his goddaughter and late friend.In the late 1990s, before Paul Walker skyrocketed to fame with “Fast and Furious,” he fell head over heels for elementary school teacher Rebecca Soteros.

Their love blossomed, and on November 4, 1998, Meadow Rain Walker entered their lives. Paul’s parents said that no father loved his child as much as their son did. The doting dad chose his fellow protagonist Dominic Toretto in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, Vin Diesel, to be Meadow’s godfather, cementing their bond forever.

Life took an unexpected turn for the couple as they parted ways, with Rebecca and Meadow finding solace in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. “My heart was desperate for so many years with the situation with my daughter,” Paul admitted regarding the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship with Meadow.

However, at 14, Meadow made the decision to leave her mother’s home and move to her father’s house near the ocean, bringing immense joy into his life. Meadow revealed that her dad raised her as a “tomboy.” Their life was “crazy.” They often were rolling around in the mud and playing soccer.

Sadly, the happy times of Meadow and her father came to an abrupt end just days after Meadow’s 15th birthday. On November 30, 2013, Paul was riding in the passenger seat with his friends on their way to an event for his charity organization “Reach Out Worldwide”. The car collided with a tree at high speed, resulting in a tragic accident that caused the vehicle to catch fire. Paul Walker, aged 40, sadly lost his life.

Meadow Cut All Ties with Late Dad’s Family and Found Protection from Godfather
Before his death, Paul wrote a will, stipulating that upon his passing, all of his wealth would be inherited by his only child. Furthermore, he acknowledged that Meadow should be under the custody of his mother, Cheryl Ann Walker, and not the girl’s mother, Rebecca Soteros. Following the actor’s demise, a custody battle ensued between the two women, resulting in Meadow being raised by her mom.

However, following the custody battle, it was reported that Meadow allegedly severed all connections with her late father’s family once she turned 18. The family, feeling “heartbroken,” holds no anger towards her, understanding that she has endured numerous hardships over the years. They patiently await the healing of their strained relationships with time.

Thankfully, Meadow was immediately embraced under the protective wing of Vin Diesel. Coping with the loss of her dad, Meadow found solace in being a frequent guest at the home of her godfather, alongside his longtime partner Paloma Jiménez and their three children.

In June 2020, Meadow shared a heartwarming photo capturing the essence of their unbreakable bond. She radiated with joy as she stood alongside Vin’s children, highlighting the true meaning of “family, forever.” In May 2021, Meadow shared another picture capturing a precious moment as she cuddled with her godfather and his eldest daughter amidst a crowd in the street.

In addition to the fact that Diesel has been a father figure of sorts to his beloved goddaughter for years, he openly admitted that she has also cared for him. “She takes good care of me… I feel very protective,” Diesel confessed.

When she was the first to wish him on Father’s Day, his heart swelled with gratitude and love. Seeing Meadow play and grow alongside his own children fills him with immeasurable joy, and he can’t help but imagine the pride his “brother” Paul Walker would feel from above.

On Meadow’s 21st birthday, Vin Diesel penned touching words to his goddaughter, expressing overwhelming pride in the remarkable person she had become. As she celebrated abroad in Japan, he eagerly awaited her return, where a birthday cake from the entire family awaited her.

The pinnacle of their emotional journey was possibly on October 22, 2021, when Meadow Walker, now Meadow Thornton-Allan, exchanged vows with her longtime boyfriend, Louis Thornton-Allan. In a wedding video that touched hearts worldwide, Vin Diesel took on the role that Paul Walker would have cherished – walking Meadow down the aisle. The radiant bride’s eyes shone with genuine happiness, and the proud godfather couldn’t tear his gaze away from the young bride.

Certainly, there were numerous heartfelt moments shared between Diesel and Walker’s daughter. However, the 55-year-old actor typically values his privacy and doesn’t frequently discuss his goddaughter. Nevertheless, there was recently a touching exception when Diesel opened up emotionally.

Diesel Holds Back Tears After Being Asked About His Goddaughter
In a remarkable tribute to her legendary father, 24-year-old Meadow announced her involvement in the highly anticipated tenth and final film of the renowned “Fast & Furious” franchise, aptly titled “Fast X.” The news left fans in awe as Meadow expressed her overwhelming excitement and gratitude on Instagram, sharing her disbelief at the incredible opportunity to be part of her father’s iconic legacy.

Growing up amidst the thrilling sets of “Fast & Furious,” she considers it a profound blessing to have the chance to honor her father in such a remarkable way.On May 13, 2023, Meadow made a dazzling appearance in Rome for the tenth installment of the “Fast & Furious” saga. Standing firmly by her side was none other than her devoted godfather, Vin Diesel, providing unwavering support and beaming with pride. The accomplished actor captured a heartfelt moment with Walker’s daughter and boasted that it was a dream come true to be standing there with her. Touched by his words, Meadow reciprocated the love, leaving no doubt about the bond they share.

Meadow delighted fans by sharing cherished memories from her first movie carpet experience, where she radiated pure joy alongside her beloved godfather. The photos captured their genuine affection, with warm embraces and infectious smiles that melted the hearts of onlookers. Meadow even took the time to express her love for Diesel, adding the words “I love you ❤️” onto one of the snapshots.

A special moment on the red carpet occurred when an interviewer brought up Diesel and asked about Meadow and her late father. In that instant, Diesel took a moment to compose himself, his range of emotions shifting from delighted smiles to what seemed like held-back tears. He couldn’t hide his pride in the way Meadow wholeheartedly honored her father’s legacy. With deep conviction, Diesel opened up his belief that Paul would undoubtedly be immensely proud of his remarkable daughter.


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