Sylvester Stallone Kisses Wife in Rare Outing Year after Calling off Divorce – Fans Accuse Them of Faking It

Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, seem to be back on track after she filed for divorce in 2022.The couple’s differing personalities were believed to have affected their separation.

The actor has since taken accountability for what led his wife to file for divorce.In the middle of July 2023, Sylvester Stallone, 77, and his wife, Jennifer Flavin Stallone, 54, were seen cozying up to each other almost a year since they decided not to go ahead with their divorce. The pair seemed very much in love during the rare Italian outing.

At the time, the couple was seen sharing public displays of affection (PDAs) on their romantic getaway as they went on boat rides and swam in a swimming pool. All was forgiven as they smiled, with the actor hugging his wife from behind while wearing a T-shirt with her sporting a blue bikini set in the pool.

In one image, Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh as the “Rambo” star covered the top of her bikini with both hands while they were in the pool. The former model even snuggled up to her husband as he kissed the top of her head while photographed relaxing on a boat.

Another shot saw Jennifer holding hands with her husband while she led him to a poolside chair. The loving interaction is a surprise after the star’s wife filed for divorce on August 19, 2022, before they seemingly rekindled their relationship a month later.

Judging from their holiday pictures, all talk of divorce appeared out of the window, but fans weren’t convinced that the PDAs were genuine. In the comment section of the swimming pool photos of the couple, one Facebook user said:

“Everything about these two is fake.”Another person felt the rekindling of Sylvester and his wife’s marriage wasn’t newsworthy and said they hadn’t read the article. The social media user speculated about the romantic getaway being a “staged show,” so the pair could remain in the spotlight or perhaps convince the public that things between them “are great.”

Someone else questioned how Jennifer had filed for divorce a few months before, but now they were all “loved up.” Using the same trail of thought as the second commenter, the Facebook user figured it was a “sick” public relations “trick for publicity.”Although Sylvester’s one didn’t publicly reveal why she’d filed for divorce, a source spoke on her behalf, sharing the marriage hiccups that had led her down that path. The filing came by surprise as the couple had recently shown loving affection to each other after celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Why Were Sylvester and Jennifer Going to Divorce?
Three months before Jennifer made her Palm Beach, Florida, divorce filing, she and Sylvester celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by dedicating heartwarming Instagram posts to each other. Things between the couple were going well because months later, in July 2023, the actor revealed some exciting news.

The “Rocky” star shared how he and his family were shooting a reality series for Paramount+, “The Stallone Family.” However, after the divorce filing happened, a source who allegedly spent time with them noted how the duo had differing temperaments and were different people and agewise too, adding:

The insider alleged that Sylvester was impulsive and would do things without thinking or consulting his wife. The actor confessed that he and his wife weren’t on the same page over Dwight’s, a new Rottweiler, care but said the dog wasn’t the reason for their divorce.

After his wife filed for “dissolution of marriage and other relief,” he admitted that their bicoastal living arrangements and his frequent work travels made it challenging to look after the dog. However, the star said the “trivial argument” wasn’t enough to lead to their separation.

Sylvester believed he and his wife were going in different directions but noted how he still respected her in the highest form. The actor also confessed to always loving Jennifer, describing her as an incredible woman and the nicest human he’d ever met.

Another peculiar thing that happened before the former model’s divorce filing was that her husband suddenly covered up the arm tattoo of his wife that he’d gotten fourteen years before. Instead, he replaced it with a tattoo of Butkus, one of his late dogs.


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