Sharon Stone ‘Always Beautiful at Any Age’ as She Poses in Red Swimsuit Showing Her Toned Legs

Sharon Stone ‘Always Beautiful at Any Age’ as She Poses in Red Swimsuit Showing Her Toned Legs

Sharon Stone’s swimwear and physique have captured the imagination of her loyal social media following. In the past, she has shared a few tricks to maintaining her looks and a flop she learned from.

“Healthy Ish. Happy Summer,” Sharon Stone captioned a snap of her getting a bottled beverage from the fridge on Saturday.

She looked toned in a low-cut red one-piece with layered gold chains. “You look so great in that suit!!! Help us women out!! What is your secret??” one follower asked.”The summer weather is ALMOST as HOTTTT as YOU are, Goddess Sharon!” a fan wrote. “Always beautiful at any age,” another complimented the 65-year-old.

“Lady, you’re crushing people in pickleball, have muscle tone that 20-somethings would die for, and are hydrating,” Dr. Karen Tang assured her, adding: “This doctor says you’re seeming pretty damned healthy!”

Sharon Stone’s Favorite Beauty Products – Some That Have Swayed Her Son
Stone has a “Scandinavian ” approach to exfoliation, explaining in a 2019 beauty feature that she does not subscribe to the notion that one should follow many steps. Her routine is simple, she uses a scrub after cleansing her face with warm water.

One of Stone’s best beauty products on her vanity is very accessible. Her mother was an Avon lady and gave her a jar of Avon Rich Moisture cream, telling her:

“Put this on morning and night, and you’ll thank me for the rest of your life.”When she is in a dryer climate, the star of Rita Ora’s “You Only Love Me” music video uses Neutrogena with SPF 15 sunblock for her skin or the more indulgent La Mer.

For traveling, the painter has two products she swears by, the Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask, and she is devoted to H. Gillerman essential oils on a plane. She has multiple “road bags” to aid with travel to ensure she is not deprived of her essentials.

The “Mosaic” star has spoken about The Ritual of the Happy Buddha products in multiple publications and has converted her eldest son Roan Joseph Bronstein. She buys most of her products online.

After her divorce from Phil Bronstein, Sharon Stone made one of the biggest beauty mistakes of her life – she had lip injections. The star had felt old and undesirable. The injectable left her pout looking uneven and “like a trout.”


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