Robert Pine’s Rare Appearance in Blue Suit with Wife of 54 Years by His Side: ‘Enjoy Your Life & Find the Joy in It’

Robert Pine’s Rare Appearance in Blue Suit with Wife of 54 Years by His Side: ‘Enjoy Your Life & Find the Joy in It’

Robert Pine’s acting career spanned decades and didn’t seem to be stopping despite his age. The actor’s wife was also in the entertainment industry but left it for something completely different.

The star recently celebrated his birthday, made a rare appearance at an event with his lovely wife in tow, and had fans excited.Robert’s son and daughter followed in his career footsteps, but only one stuck with it.

Robert Pine was born in 1941 in New York before graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1963 and moving to Hollywood. The year after his graduation, the star made his acting debut appearing once in an episode of the show “Kraft Suspense Theater.”

He continued acting in the 1960s and 1970s by featuring in different films and television shows. By 1969, the actor had already fallen in love with an actress named Gwynne Gilford, and they tied the knot that same year.


In 1977, he finally landed his most prominent role when he starred in the series “CHiPS” as Sgt. Joseph Getraer, where he remained until it concluded in 1983. Robert later appeared in more shows and movies, with some of his significant roles including 2005’s “Red Eye,” 2008’s “Lakeview Terrace,” and 2013’s “Jobs.”

His most recent and last known role was in 2022’s “Five Days At Memorial.” The celebrity’s wife’s acting credits included several films and television shows from the late 1960s into the 1980s, and some people might also recognize her from “CHiPS,” where she appeared in six episodes.

She also featured on “One Day At Time” and “Gunsmoke,” and her final acting role was in 1987 when she starred in the movie “Masters of the Universe.” Instead of continuing her budding career, Gilford quit Hollywood and retired from acting.


She chose an entirely new career away from the entertainment industry by becoming a therapist. In 2023, she made a rare appearance with Robert, which had tongues wagging over a month before he celebrated a significant milestone.

What Did Robert Look Like at a Recent Event Which Had Fans Talking

On June 10, 2023, a YouTube channel shared a clip of Robert at the May 2023 Kentucky Derby, where he walked the red carpet with Gilford by his side. The actor wore a blue suit, white shirt, and beige hat for the occasion.

His wife complimented his look by wearing colorful pants with hints of blue, a pink top, and a blue hat. While being interviewed, the star revealed that it was his first time attending a Derby and had already lost money the day before, which he hoped to make up for.

When asked what general advice he’d give someone, Gilford’s husband wisely said, “Enjoy your life and find the joy in it.” He also urged people not to dwell on unimportant things before being asked if he was proud of his son, Chris Pine.

The celebrity shared how “very proud” he was of his son, who was doing an “unbelievable” job and was also a good man. Fans thrilled to see him filled the comment section with different outlooks, some focusing on Robert’s son, in response to the clip.

One person noted in surprise how Chris looked like his father in everything, including his “face and personality.” Another person focused on Robert’s look for the outing calling him “very dashing.”

A YouTube user thought Gilford’s husband was a “nice fella” and said they remembered him from his days starring in “CHiPS.” Making other fans envious, the person revealed that they’d met the actor in 1997 at Radford University before adding this tidbit about him:

“Serious actor, but a gentle soul.”\

About a month after the YouTube clip was published, the actor celebrated his 82nd birthday on July 10, 2023. Besides Chris, the star and his wife were also parents to one more child, both of which followed in Robert’s career footsteps, but only one of them has stuck with it.

More about Robert and Gwynne’s Children

Chris, 42, has become a well-known actor like his father, but before he found his footing, his family linked him up with various production assistant jobs. He’s had many significant acting roles, including “The Princess Diaries 2” and movie franchises like “Wonder Woman,” “Star Trek,” and “Jack Ryan.”

It’s no wonder Chris followed in his father’s career footsteps, as it seemed acting was a part of their genes. Besides his mother dabbling in the industry for a while, the actor’s late grandmother Anne Gwynne was also an actress!

Katherine featured with him in the “CHiPS ’99” reboot, which became her final role.

She once had roles in movies like “House of Frankenstein” and “Black Friday.” While Robert took pride in his son, Chris also felt the same way about his father’s incredible career, and during the “Five Days At Memorial” premiere in April 2022, he discussed him.

Gilford’s son noted his father’s remarkable career and how he’d acquired his SAG membership in 1964. The elder Pine’s son gushed about him being contracted under Universal and paid to act and take horseback riding lessons.

Chris raved about Robert starring in classics like “The Love Boat,” “The Virginian,” and “Gunsmoke.” The younger actor seemed in awe of his father’s achievements in the sphere, noting how he even featured in “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman and Katherine Ross!

Besides Chris, Gilford and her husband were also parents to an adult daughter named Katherine “Katie.” She was born in 1972 and dabbled a little in acting like most of her family, but current reports show that she’s since quit.


In 1977, Robert’s only daughter did voice-over work for “Heavy Gear,” a video game. Back in the day, there was also an episode of “The Love Boat: The Next Wave” where she appeared, and her final role saw her starring alongside her famous father.

Katherine featured with him in the “CHiPS ’99” reboot, which became her final role. In 2023, Robert and Gilford celebrated their fifty-second wedding anniversary, and seeing how agile the couple were during their Derby appearance, they might celebrate many more years!


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