‘Prisoners Get More Space’: Single Mom of 6 Called ‘Selfish’ for Putting up All Kids in One Bedroom

‘Prisoners Get More Space’: Single Mom of 6 Called ‘Selfish’ for Putting up All Kids in One Bedroom

iWhen a mother of six started posting about her daily life on TikTok, she had no idea that people would troll her for having so many children. She didn’t expect to read comments targeting her children’s living conditions.

As a single mother to six children, Nicole Wong tries to provide her little ones the best of everything. The 31-year-old works as a part-time aesthetics practitioner and lives in a two-bedroom council house in Leeds, England.

Like most other public figures on social media, Nicole Wong decided to film snippets from her life and upload them on TikTok. Aiming to entertain people with her videos, she posted regularly on TikTok, unaware of how people would react upon seeing her overcrowded house.

Netizens began posting mean comments under her posts when they learned that her six children, 12-year-old Nyala, 11-year-old Nevaeh, 8-year-old Neesha, 7-year-old Nathaniel, 4-year-old Neiko, and 2-year-old Nikita, share one bedroom.

How Does the Single Mother Spend Her Life?
Wong revealed that she moved into the council house twelve years ago when she was a mother to one child, but she welcomed her other babies in the following years. After having her fifth baby, the mother realized she needed a new home.

“I have been on the (housing) list for five years, and even when a house does come up, I’m still number 50 in the queue,” the mother shared, adding that she thinks the authorities don’t prioritize her case because all her kids are healthy.

The single mother lives in a two-bedroom house, where one bedroom has two single beds, two bunk beds, and a double bed for her children. However, when netizens saw her home in the TikTok videos, they slammed her for keeping her kids in an overcrowded space.

Besides having a crammed bedroom, Wong and her children need a proper dining space. She revealed that they have dinner on the couch and sit on the floor because they cannot fit a dining table in their small living space.

Wong is a part-time student studying accounting by attending courses while working part-time to improve her living conditions. She hopes to get a bigger house for her family but doesn’t know how long it will take. However, she feels strangers online shouldn’t judge her without knowing her struggles. She said:

“When I first started getting trolled, I was so upset.”

How Did She Respond to the Online Trolls?
After watching the single mother’s videos on TikTok, people told her to refrain from engaging in sexual activity, blaming her for giving birth to so many children when she knew her living conditions were inadequate to house six kids.

Wong never knew sharing her life online would attract vile comments from people she has never met or interacted with. Many people slammed her after looking at her children’s living conditions, but she had a lot to say in her defense.

One TikTok user said, “Prisoners get more space than that,” while another commented, “I feel like that should be illegal.” Netizens weren’t happy that the single mother was raising her six children in a small house.

Another netizen questioned Wong why she gave birth to six children when she knew she couldn’t provide them with a spacious room each. The TikTok user called Wong “selfish” for having so many children.

While some netizens posted mean comments, others wrote messages supporting the single mother trying her best to provide her children with a good life. One Facebook user commented:

“Some homes are lonely and abusive. This home sounds full of love.”Meanwhile, another netizen credited Wong for “providing a roof over their heads.” Some Facebook users also recalled their childhood memories of sharing rooms with their siblings.

“I wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental because I am trying my best, and I would love a bigger home for my family. It’s not always that easy,” Wong said after reading what netizens commented about her. She wanted people to know she was trying to improve her living situation.

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