Pascale Leclerc Manages a Hair Salon in Fontvieille – Facts about Charles Leclerc’s Mother

Pascale Leclerc Manages a Hair Salon in Fontvieille – Facts about Charles Leclerc’s Mother

While her son has made a name for himself on the race track, Pascale Leclerc proved her passions lay in the hair styling business. However, that has not stopped her from supporting Charles Leclerc, whose career was shaped by his father’s passing.

In addition to running a business, Pascale Leclerc is a mother to three successful sons she always knew were destined for greatness. According to her second born — Charles Leclerc, — Pascale Leclerc has been very present in his life and career, just in the background.

And as her sons have accomplished fame and success that has seen them travel worldwide, Pascale Leclerc has remained in their home country of Monaco. However, she and her three boys’ close relationship has stood the test of distance.Despite Having Two Sons Who Race Professionally, Pascale Leclerc Is Still Terrified about the Dangers of the Sport

Pascale and her husband welcomed three sons, two of which — Charles and Arthur — pursued careers as professional racers. She always knew Charles would be a racing champion, sharing, “I always knew that Charles, like his two brothers, would go far.”

However, during an interview, Charles revealed that the danger of his career still frightened his mother and that Pascale still calls him scarred before races. The F1 racer said:

“[…] It’s tough on my mother. And I don’t know what to tell her. Other than: I love what I do. There’s nothing in particular I can say to make her feel better. She knows: It’s a dangerous sport. […] She knows I’m the happiest once I’m in that car.”

Pascale Leclerc’s Husband’s Death Taught Her Son the Importance of Family
In 2017, Pascale and her family suffered a significant loss: the death of her husband Hervé, who passed away three days before an important moment in his son’s racing journey. “My values are that family is extremely important […] I learned this partly when I lost my father […],” Pascale’s son said.

During an interview in 2019, Charles added that losing his father shaped his career as one of the best F1 drivers at such a young age — joining the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, and Michael Schumacher — as it made him mentally stronger.

Pascale Leclerc and Her Late Husband Raised ‘A Very Close-Knit Family’
During an interview, Pascale’s youngest son expressed the same sentiment as Charles, revealing that the Leclerc family is a close bunch. “We are a very close-knit family. Family is very important,” Arthur said.

Their mother is at the heart of their close family, and when Charles was asked about his superhero mother, the famous Formula 1 driver sweetly shared:”She is a perfect mother, and we take such good care of her. Present but discreet.”

After furthering her education at Cours Maintenon Hyères, Pascale ventured into the beauty industry and currently manages a hair salon, Le Quai 28, in Monaco.

On May 10, 2020, Arthur took to Instagram to share a throwback of him and his mother in honor of her birthday and shared, “Happy birthday to the one who always been by our side. Love youu !!!❤️❤️😘, [sic]” he captioned the post.


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