Natasia Demetriou’s Husband: The Actress Views Walking Down the Aisle as ‘Embarrassing’

Natasia Demetriou’s Husband: The Actress Views Walking Down the Aisle as ‘Embarrassing’

Many fans wonder who comedian and actress Natasia Demetriou’s husband is, as she once opened up about her thoughts about relationships, marriage, and wedding day rituals.

Natasia Demetriou is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, admired for her authenticity and openness. She fearlessly speaks out about important issues that matter to her, which resonates with her fans.



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Beyond her captivating public charisma and brilliant acting skills, there has been intrigue surrounding her personal life, particularly her romantic endeavors.Natasia Demetriou Once Used A Dating App

Very little is known about Demetriou’s dating life, which has sparked the curiosity of her fans, who are eager to know if she has a husband. Although her love life remains relatively unclear, a past article suggested that she may be single or searching for someone special.

She revealed in an interview that she used the dating app Tinder solely to engage in unpleasant conversations with others. The comedian recalled a moment when she unintentionally liked a man on the app.

However, he responded with highly offensive messages instead of pleasant interactions. In response, Demetriou deliberately escalated her behavior, initially finding some amusement in the situation. As time passed, she started feeling uneasy about the whole experience.

In 2014, she said she wanted to quit social media because she was single and worried about the dangers of online dating. Her flatmate had fallen victim to a “cat-phishing” scam. It made her realize the importance of staying safe online.

Natasia Demetriou Finds One Traditional Relationship Aspect ‘Embarrassing’
In a 2022 interview with actor and podcast host Adam Buxton, Demetriou candidly explored her personal experiences, touching on relationships, breakups, and marriage.

Demetriou’s on-screen roles, particularly in the FX series “What We Do in the Shadows,” reflect her life experiences.She admitted uncertainty about marriage as she talked to the host about his marriage. Demetriou also conveyed her embarrassment and discomfort regarding following traditional weddings. She told Buxton:

“I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than walking down an aisle, I mean, come off it, it’s so, holding a bunch of flowers and walking down the aisle, especially if you do like the traditional walk, which is like one step, one step, I can’t. It’s so embarrassing.”

Despite her reservations, Demetriou acknowledged that she found marriage fascinating. In addition, she also expressed skepticism about the idea of marriage lasting a lifetime.

She is one of many comedians who openly discuss relationships, dating, and marriage. Other comedians who touch on matters of the heart include Matt Rife, Pete Davidson, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, and Fortune Meister.

From Series to Sketch Show: Natasia Demetriou Finds Connection & Relatability in Comedy Demetriou’s on-screen roles, particularly in the FX series “What We Do in the Shadows,” reflect her life experiences. She said she believes understanding a character requires a connection with their persona.

Additionally, she can relate to Nadja’s quirky and dramatic nature, making it effortless for her to embody the character. Moreover, she feels at ease empathizing with the undead, finding it a non-frightening aspect of her acting journey.

Besides her work on the FX series, she has found a connection with other quirky co-stars, including her brother Jamie Demetriou and her close friend and comedy partner, Ellie White. They all appeared together in the sitcom “Stath Lets Flats.”

Demetriou’s brother and White were part of the sketch troupe where they first met at the university. When he introduced his sister to White, Demetriou jokingly described it as meeting a love rival but quickly grew to love her as a friend and comedy partner.

White and Demetriou, a dynamic pair, joined forces to create a highly acclaimed BBC sketch show, “Ellie & Natasia.” This captivating show delves into themes surrounding social anxiety and women’s experiences.

They effortlessly engage a wide-ranging audience with their unique blend of humor and relatability. One aspect of their satire involves parodying pop stars like Ariana Grande and highlighting the sexualization of women in the music industry.

White and Demetriou’s performances also shed light on the infantilization of women prevalent in fashion and media. However, they primarily focus on delivering pure absurdity rather than heavy social commentary.


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