Mom Ignores Pimple on Son’s Back until It Sharply Bulges and Appears to Move – Story of the Day

Mom Ignores Pimple on Son’s Back until It Sharply Bulges and Appears to Move – Story of the Day

Anna ignores the pimple on her son’s back until it bulges in size and starts moving. When doctors can’t help her diagnose the problem, Anna takes matters into her own hands and approaches a fortune teller.

Anna was exhausted after a long day of chores at home. She retired to the living room to take a break when her son Theo approached her, grumbling about the weird pimple on his back.”Mom, the pimple…it’s itching a lot,” Theo complained, lifting his shirt.

“Oh dear God, Theo! You scared me! Jesus…it’s getting redder. I told you not to scratch it, Theo,” Anna frowned, assuming it was just an ordinary pimple.But her assumptions proved her wrong, and fear kicked in when she touched the hardened bump and felt it move…”What in the…did that thing just MOVE??” Anna was so startled that she thought the bump moved.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Theo asked, but Anna pretended everything was okay not to scare her son.She touched Theo’s forehead and realized he was running a fever. “Let’s get a doctor’s appointment right now, alright?” She said.

On their drive to the hospital, Anna noticed that her son looked eerily worried about something.”Honey, what’s wrong?” she asked.”Mom…” Theo gulped. “Don’t get mad…but I have to confess something.”

“The thing is, I was playing with my friends last week. The ball landed in that fortune teller’s compound…remember that weird lady from across our house?” Theo revealed.”That gypsy woman?” Anna grew anxious, slamming the brakes. “What about her?”

“She was so mad at me for kicking the ball into her garden. I don’t know what language she chanted……but it sounded like a strange spell.I was wondering if this pimple is the outcome of her curse or something,” Theo recounted.

Anna thought for a moment and shunned the idea. “Oh, no…we don’t believe in that!” she sped to the hospital, although she had started getting tense.At the hospital, Dr. Rowe examined Theo’s pimple and revealed to Anna that it could be an insect bite. He took a couple of tests and assured Anna everything would be alright with the right treatment once the results came.

However, Anna was still worried. “I thought pimples like that were normal for kids his age, Doctor. But why is it getting larger…and redder?”When the doctor asked Theo if he could feel any other symptoms, he said he was fine, except that he felt exhausted too often. Anna’s heart sank at this point because Theo had always been an active boy.

“Theo, could you please wait outside? I need to discuss something with your Mom,” the doctor turned to Theo.The boy nodded and had barely crossed the doorway when Anna screamed, “Jesus…Theo!” and bolted to the door. Theo had passed out and was running a high fever, which escalated Anna’s worries.”Doctor, what’s wrong with my son?” she teared up.

“Theo has a compromised immune system,” the doctor said. “Sorry to ask, but I don’t have a better way to put this. Is it likely that your son has been indulging in any form of substance abuse?”

“Theo wouldn’t do such a thing, doctor. I know my son!” Anna refused, immediately jumping in her son’s defense.Deep inside, Anna’s worst fears had started to evolve, considering Theo’s age, and she decided to check the boy’s room back home.

Anna scoured Theo’s room but found nothing suspicious until checking his backpack. A chill ran down her spine when she saw a metal box with a thin wad of dollar bills and a card that looked like an access badge in one of the pockets.

Using Google Maps, Anna immediately drove to the address, only hoping her son was not a part of something illegal.When she arrived at the destination, Anna found herself outside what looked like an old warehouse bustling with suspicious activity.

People were loading crates into vans at the building’s entrance, and every bit of what she saw told her that something was wrong.Anna crept to the back of the building, and just as she peered, she saw crates stashed with fruits lined up to be dispatched into the vans. Suddenly, a voice startled her from behind.

“Are you looking for something, lady?” a stout man stared at Anna.

Terrified, Anna decided to confess. “Sorry for sneaking inside…I came here because of my son, Theo,” she said. “I think he works here. He’s very sick now. I want to know what’s wrong with him and how he ended up here…”

“Theo? Are you Theo’s mother?” the man interrupted with a start.”He’s such a hardworking lad!” the man added, leading Anna inside. “Theo works part-time here. You should be very proud of your son for wanting to lend you a helping hand. Big-hearted young man!”

Anna teared up, realizing how wrong she was to doubt her son. She looked at Theo’s workspace and drove home with the fruit box the man had given her for Theo.As she got into the car, her phone rang. Dr. Rowe’s tense voice appeared on the other end of the line as he shared some shattering news.

“The results have arrived, Anna. Theo’s liver function is declining. He should be hospitalized immediately,” he revealed.”I’m coming to the hospital right now,” Anna fumed and hung up.Theo was suffering from a strange condition that doctors couldn’t diagnose. He was not doing drugs, and Anna knew something else was the reason. That’s when her thoughts drifted back to the fortune teller and the curse Theo had mentioned earlier.

She drove to the hospital and burst into Dr. Rowe’s office, demanding Theo’s discharge.”My son is lying sick…and your medical science can’t cure him. I know how to save him. I’m taking him to the fortune teller. Discharge him right now,” she yelled.Deep down, Anna was convinced that her gypsy neighbor who cursed Theo was the only one who could help him.

“Don’t tell me you believe in superstitions, Anna,” Dr. Rowe tried stopping her. “Theo needs proper treatment.” But Anna refused to listen.”You can’t keep my son here without my permission!” she yelled and forcefully got her son discharged that very afternoon.

As Anna drove home, Theo looked up at her with big pleading eyes, wanting to know what the doctors had said. “Will I be alright, Mom?” he asked.”The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, honey,” Anna replied. “But you’re going to be fine. I’m taking you to the person who can solve this problem,” she added, pulling over right outside the fortune teller’s house.

Exhaling a deep breath, Anna mustered the courage and knocked on the woman’s door.”Yes?” an elderly woman adorned with gemstones on her fingers, eccentric evil-eye bracelets, and necklaces answered the door moments later.

“Hi…I’m Theo’s mother. My son is sick…he said last week you….” Anna said as the woman raised her hand and interrupted.”I cursed your son…and now, he has to bear the consequences,” the lady sneered.”Please, don’t…” Anna folded her palms and pleaded. “Please forgive my son. Only you can save him. I can’t afford to lose my son. Theo is all I have.”

The woman chuckled wickedly.”Hmmm…how far will you go to save your son?” she smirked.”I’ll do anything you want,” Anna pleaded as the woman nodded, thinking deeply.”Fine, come in,” the lady swung her door wide open, beckoning Anna to bring her son inside. “But don’t touch anything.”

Fear gripped Anna as she stepped into a dimly lit room adorned with glowing candles, tarot cards, a crystal ball, strange beads, and feathers of all kinds”Make him sit right there,” the lady pointed to the sofa as Anna gingerly sat Theo down.

“So, what happened to your son? Let me see how powerful my curse was!” the woman looked up at Anna.She told her everything about the pimple and the doctor’s inability to diagnose the root cause of the problem. At the end of Anna’s revelation, the lady burst into laughter.

“You fool! You should’ve brought your son to me!” she said, touching Theo’s forehead and reciting a chant.”Ah, I see! That’s it! Only the magic potion can heal your son,” the woman revealed. “$10,000…and your son gets to live.”

“Or he dies.”Anna hesitated. $10,000 was a significant amount for a single mother like her. But nothing mattered more than her son’s life.

“Please arrange for the potion. I’ll bring you the money, I promise! You have to believe me! But right now, please, give him the potion and save his life!” she said as the woman disappeared inside.

Moments later, the lady returned with a bowl of warm concoction. She recited something as she added ingredients to the bowl and approached Theo.”He should be fine soon. The potion takes some time to be effective. But it sure will…so wait,” the woman turned to Anna.

“Thank you so much!” Anna cried as she handed the woman $3000 from her purse. “I’ll give you the rest tomorrow morning. I promise.””Don’t forget, and don’t try to deceive me,” the lady grimly said. “You already know what I’m capable of!”

Anna nodded and took Theo home. Hours later, he was feeling better, and Anna couldn’t be more thankful to the fortune teller.The next day, she drove to the hospital to meet Dr. Rowe before making the final payment to the lady.

“What did you say, Doctor? I was being superstitious?” Anna barked at Dr. Rowe. “My son is recovering now. Thanks to the woman who gave him the potion!””Did your so-called fortune teller tell you what was wrong with Theo?” he asked.

“Who cares?! All it matters is that my son is fine now!” Anna sneered.Dr. Rowe sighed. “You carried a fruit basket that day to the hospital, remember?” he asked. “Where did you get it from?”

“From the fruit warehouse where Theo works part-time. But why do you ask?” Anna stared at the doctor.”I still have it…one second,” Dr. Rowe asked his assistant to fetch the fruit basket.

“You see this fruit?” he asked, lifting a Marula from the basket. “It’s grown in Africa. The thing is, Anna, this fruit contains enough moisture for a malaria mosquito to survive. It likely carried the contamination all the way to the warehouse. And that’s how Theo was infected…by a mosquito bite! You left the fruit basket here, and we sent some fruits for testing. Since the incubation period for malaria is 7-14 days, you didn’t see the symptoms earlier!”

Anna’s brows furrowed in shock. “But…Theo is doing fine now. And the potion…I made a mental note of those miraculous ingredients…cinchona bark…valerian root…and…”Dr. Rowe smiled. “Well, your magician guessed Theo was down with malaria and prepared a concoction. But he must be hospitalized immediately because the remedy only offers temporary relief.”

“No way! I’m not falling for it again, Doctor!” Anna refused to give in and stormed out of the hospital, only to find Theo exhausted and sick again in the car. Helpless, she ran back to Dr. Rowe.

“Like I said earlier, Theo needs proper treatment. There’s no superpower, Anna. There’s no miraculous potion. Just do the right thing and admit Theo to the hospital,” Dr. Rowe said.Anna had no choice but to listen. Theo remained in the hospital and was discharged several weeks later. She was glad he was fine now but knew she still had something to do.

Anna pulled over outside the fortune teller’s house and hurled a ball into the lady’s garden, smashing the window pane.The angry woman opened the door and yelled at Anna. “Wasn’t once enough for you? I’m still waiting for my money. And I’m going to curse you now…”

Anna angrily marched to the woman and shoved a book in her hand. “$3000 for your herbal remedies, huh?! Well, I came to give you this, lady…it’s a book that shatters your extrasensory hogwash. I hope you find it useful!”

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