Lauren Alaina’s Boyfriend Was Unaware of Her Celebrity Status before Dating – They Are Engaged Now

Lauren Alaina’s Boyfriend Was Unaware of Her Celebrity Status before Dating – They Are Engaged Now

Lauren Alaina’s partner is a powerhouse in the corporate world. The lovers have been together for nearly three years but only went public with their relationship in late 2022. They are now poised for marital bliss with wedding plans underway.

In 2022, Lauren Alaina was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. It was a remarkable achievement for the longtime vocalist, and she returned to the Opry stage later that year, on November 19, with something else to celebrate.

Before her performance, Alaina announced that she had been “asked into another family.” The night before, her husband-to-be, Cam Arnold, had asked for her hand in marriage. It was the first time she revealed her beau, as the lovebirds had privately dated for about two years.



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They have since gushed over one another on social media and shared a little insight into their relationship. Her fiance may not be an entertainer like herself, but he thrives in a conventional career.

Lauren Alaina’s Fiance, Cam Arnold, Is an Experienced Sales Professional
Arnold graduated from Auburn University with a qualification in Finance in 2010. He enrolled at Middle State Georgia the following year and attained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Marketing, and Finance in 2013.

That July, he began working as a Sales Representative for Atlantic Tape and Packaging in Peachtree City, Georgia. He moved to SouthPoint Risk in early 2014, starting as a Commercial Risk Advisor. Today, he is the company’s Vice President of Sales and has been since January 2020.

Lauren Alaina Met Her Future Husband through a Mutual Friend
Alaina revealed she met Arnold in Mexico during Luke Bryan’s annual “Crash My Playa” festival. During their first encounter, Alaina was eating tacos “really fast” at a food stand when he saw her and said, “Nobody’s gonna take those tacos away from you!”

It was the first thing he said to her and the beginning of their chemistry. At the time, it was likely Arnold didn’t know who Alaina was, as she said, “I’m not sure he had any idea who I was when he met me. And I’m still not sure if he does know who I am!”

She and Arnold, who is friends with Bryan’s niece and her husband, exchanged numbers. Alaina remarked that although she did not know he would be her future husband, Arnold told his friends she would be his wife.

Following her engagement announcement onstage, she commemorated the moment she debuted her love to the world on Instagram, excited that she would soon marry her best friend.

Alaina has also formed a close bond with Arnold’s family. Earlier in 2023, the couple surprised his nieces with a visit to Germany. The man who brought them together will mark his 17th wedding anniversary with Caroline Boyer; the college sweethearts are parents to five children.

Lauren Alaina Was Engaged before She Met Cam Arnold
Alaina dated Alex Hopkins for six years before he proposed to her in mid-2018. Unfortunately, the former lovers called off their engagement in 2019. Alaina said she struggled to move on, adding:

“[…] It was really painful, but the closure was better there because I think we both knew we needed to split.”

In May 2019, she started dating John Crist, but that romance ended that September. This separation also left her devastated. She released the EP “Getting Over Him” a year later, chronicling her healing journey. The singer was in a better place.


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