Jennifer Lopez Slammed for Using ‘Too Many Filters’ in Her Recent Photos

Jennifer Lopez Slammed for Using ‘Too Many Filters’ in Her Recent Photos

Jennifer Lopez recently upset some of her fans by allegedly using too many Instagram filters on her post. Meanwhile, other social media users praised her for her ageless beauty.

Instagram filters were made for fun and creativity, and while many enjoy them, some would rather look natural in photographs.

Jennifer Lopez is among those who like using the platform’s features. However, her fans think she has been using them too much in recent posts instead of displaying her natural beauty.


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In a recent post, the singer posed in a red hoodie while making fierce looks. All glammed up, Lopez looked flawless and beautiful. The photo also showed her nails, and one had the word “Latina” painted.

Fans flocked to Lopez’s comments section, calling her out for using “too many filters.” One social media user asked the entertainer to show more naturalness on the app since many already post edited photos.

Meanwhile, Lopez also received praise from other fans who called her pretty and “the most beautiful Latina in the world.” One person even analyzed her beauty and said:

“[Lopez] has a naturally beautiful bone structure.”

Lopez has also posted unfiltered, bare-faced snapshots of herself. Her wrinkle-free complexion and ageless beauty have garnered attention from fans curious about her skincare routine.

Besides good genes, Lopez takes the necessary steps to preserve her beauty without plastic surgery or injectables. One holy grail in her skincare routine is applying SPF daily to protect her from UV rays. Besides sunbathing during vacations, she avoids staying in the sun, knowing it can cause aging.

Fortunately, Lopez received medical advice at a young age regarding the benefits of sun protection. Now beyond 50 years old, her natural skin still has a youthful glow and elasticity which has left fans wondering if she is aging backwards.

Besides SPF, Lopez incorporates olive oil into her skincare routine. “Whenever my hair, skin, or nails were dry, I’d go back to olive oil,” she said. When she released her beauty line, she made it a point to infuse olive oil in products, including the JLo Beauty Olive Complex.

Besides her skin, Jennifer Lopez takes care of her figure as well. She previously looked incredibly fit, flaunting a yellow swimsuit on social media. According to the “Monster in Law” star, she prioritizes working out every morning, whether it’s through dancing, weight training, or core exercises.

She also watches her food consumption, although she eats anything in moderation. Undoubtedly, age is just a number when it comes to beauty.


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