Jane Birkin, Actress and Fashion Inspiration behind Birkin Bags, Dies at 76 – She Was Found Lifeless in Her House

Jane Birkin, Actress and Fashion Inspiration behind Birkin Bags, Dies at 76 – She Was Found Lifeless in Her House

Singer-actress Jane Birkin has died at the age of 76.Birkin was blessed with three kids; she is survived by two daughters, and one child passed away.Birkin, who had health issues, said she contracted Covid-19 several times.

Jane Birkin has died aged 76. The singer-actress was best known for her single hit “Je t’aime…moi non plus.” Birkin, whose middle name is Mallory, was born in London on December 14, 1946.As per reports, Birkin was found dead at her home, and so far, the cause of her death has not been made public.

France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, confirmed her death when he shared a message on Twitter. Macron called the English-French star a French icon.He added that Birkin was a complete artist whose voice was sweet and engagement fiery. Macron said that the tunes and images Birkin bequeathed people with will be with them forever, even in her death.

Birkin was the daughter of the famous actress Judy Campbell and her husband, a socially connected British Naval officer, David Birkin.Aside from her songs, Birkin was also known for inspiring a well-known line of luxury handbags. In 1986, while on a flight, a plastic bag the singer was keeping her possession in broke. She complained that Hermès wasn’t making a bag that could fit her things.

It turned out that the person seated next to the singer was Jean-Louis Dumas, the head designer for Hermès.Dumas, who later became Hermès chief executive, ensured the company released a Birkin bag collection in the exact size the singer requested. This bag is now known for its exclusivity due to a rationalized supply.

The “Di Doo Dah” singer had a successful career as a singer and actress. She also had an eventful love life and created a family for herself that would miss her.

Jane Birkin’s Children
Birkin was blessed with three kids. She was married to John Barry. The ex-couple had a child together and then divorced. Their daughter Kate Barry was born in 1967. She was a British photographer who worked for the Sunday Times and Vogue.

Kate spent years of her life as a drug and alcohol addict. In 1994, she created a free center for addicts in France.

Before she had a stroke, Birkin was in great spirits in her last public appearances at the Cannes film festival and on stage during the Francofolies music festival in La Rochelle in July 2021.The photographer died tragically in 1993. She fell from the window of her apartment on the fourth floor in Paris. Kate’s body was found on the pavement outside of her home in Paris’s 16th arrondissement.

Birkin second-born is Charlotte Gainsbourg. The 51-year-old is an actress. The singer shared Charlotte with French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Birkin and her daughter’s father had a rocky relationship.

Charlotte followed her mother’s career path in entertainment, where she prospered and has featured in popular movies such as “The Snowman,” “Jane by Charlotte,” “The Pale Blue Eye,” and “The Passengers of the Night.”

The youngest of Birkin’s children is Lou Doillon. Birkin had Lou with French film director Jacques Doillon. The actress’s third daughter is a famous singer and actress.

Some of her famous songs are “Too Much,” “Devil or Angel,” “Lay Low,” and “Where to Start.” Lou has also been featured in some movies, including “Kung Fu Master,” “Polisse,” “Bad Company, and “You, Me and Us.”

Birkin was only married once in her life. She and Barry got married in 1965 and divorced in 1968. The British producer then died in 2011, just two years before the ex-couples daughter Kate died.

As a composer, Barry was known for songs such as “Zulu Main Title Theme,” “The James Bond Theme,” and “Dance with Wolves.” Barry also worked as the music conductor on projects such as “King Kong,” “Born Free,” and “Mik’s Murder.”

Birkin once opened up in an interview about her marriage to Barry. She confessed that Barry had taken off with someone else, leaving her to take care of their daughter.In her early 20s, Birkin started dating Gainsbourg. The two started a relationship in 1968 after the singer’s first marriage fell apart. Birkin and Gainsbourg fell in love. They collaborated professionally, leading to the famous song “Je t’aime…moi non plus.”

Birkin and Gainsbourg’s relationship was a hot topic because the young singer was dating an aging man. Still, the two worked well professionally.Their relationship went on for over a decade until Birkin left Gainsbourg for Doillon. Gainsbourg died aged 62 in 1991.

Birkin lived in Paris and regularly saw her two daughters. She wrote about how she fell ill again after her daughter, Kate, died.

How Was Jane Birkin’s State of Health?
Birkin was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002. She underwent rounds of treatment, but the illness came back after Kate died. The singer required further treatment for leukemia in 2013.

In September 2021, Birkin’s health was further affected when she suffered a minor form of stroke. Her family released a statement saying the singer was doing well.

Before she had a stroke, Birkin was in great spirits in her last public appearances at the Cannes film festival and on stage during the Francofolies music festival in La Rochelle in July 2021.

Recently, the singer canceled concerts due to health issues. However, she remained optimistic. Birkin said during an interview that she had contracted Covid-19 six times.

However, she insisted that she was doing incredibly well. Birkin said the virus may have remained inside her and manifested itself through symptoms once in a while. The singer noted that even doctors couldn’t believe she had Covid-19 that many times.

Birkin admitted that she took risks traveling to many countries to perform even as Covid-19 was still a health issue. She noted that she had to be very careful during her travels due to her low immunity that came as a result of her leukemia.

In her last public appearance, Birkin looked happier than ever. On February 10, 2023, the singer attended the Celine Men Fall-Winter 2023-2024 in Paris, France.She had a broad smile on her face and was enjoying the event with friends. Birkin took a gorgeous photo with Suzanne Lindon.

Despite her health issues, Birkin remained optimistic about life, attended events, and spent time with her daughters and grandchildren. Her death has come unexpectedly to her fans, who have mourned her as a music legend, as there were no recent reports about any issues in her state of health.


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