Jamie Foxx Is Seen with No Hair amid Recovery as He Returns Lost Purse to Woman on Street

Jamie Foxx Is Seen with No Hair amid Recovery as He Returns Lost Purse to Woman on Street

A source says Jamie Foxx is better, not entirely himself, but getting the support needed to be that way.An Ohio woman interacted with the actor during a recent sighting; the footage was available on social media.

The first time Foxx was seen after his hospitalization was on a boat, but fans don’t believe it was him.In July 2023, a source revealed some details about Jamie Foxx, 55, who disappeared months back, in April, due to an unknown illness. The actor started appearing in public recently but seemed to have a long way to recover.

The insider said the star is doing better and finally starting to feel like his old self. Foxx luckily has an extensive support system, including his friends and family who showed up for him, ensuring he only took on what he could handle.


After his health scare, the celebrity kept a low profile as he continued healing. The source said the actor felt good and was even looking forward to getting back to his career when he was ready, but the insider notes:

“He’s not 100 percent and is still taking things easy.”During the same month, footage surfaced of Foxx out and about in Chicago. The singer, comedian, and actor looks noticeably different sporting a new look, which led social media users to share their thoughts.

Jamie’s Current Appearance That Had Social Media Users Talking
While Foxx works to get better, he recently showed the public that he was still attentive and a good Samaritan while going out of his way to do good. On July 10, 2023, a Columbus, Ohio, woman named Terri “Quenni” Glenn, 54, said she and her one sister visited Chicago to take their other sister, Tracey, to a few doctor’s appointments.



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Tracey visited several medical professionals to receive treatment for a breast cancer diagnosis. Hoping to shake off the heaviness of the day, the trio decided to do some sightseeing, and one of the places they went to was Michigan Avenue’s Bean sculpture before deciding to depart.

The siblings hailed a pedicab to take them to their next destination when they noticed a black SUV honking its horn while driving behind them. Their cab stopped allowing the SUV to pull up next to them before its back door opened.

To Glenn and her siblings’ surprise, none other than Foxx stepped out! In his hand was her handbag, which she swore she last saw on the floor of the open-air pedicab, but it seemingly had fallen out when the vehicle turned a corner.


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The home health care aide laughs while revealing how she wanted to ask the actor where he found her handbag as she hadn’t noticed it fell. Foxx was all smiles as he returned Glenn’s bag, which had some of her prized items, like her keys, an iPad, and around $20.

After getting over being star-struck, Tracey’s sister asked the actor if he felt better, and he said, ” ‘I’m feeling good.'” Glenn thanked him for returning her handbag, and he told her she was welcome, but in his smooth way, he called her “baby.”

She recalled the star’s agility as he hopped in and out of the car and confessed that he looked good. The Ohio woman also noted how calm and well he sounded and revealed she believed he’d gone out of his way to be the one to return her handbag because the driver of the woman sitting next to him could’ve done it.



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Quan Ellis, 35, Glenn’s son, showed gratitude for Foxx’s selfless act calling it “dope.” The following day, Ellis uploaded the clip showing the actor entering his car as Glenn thanked him and shared how good God was that the star felt good.

One person commented on the post calling the singer “vain’ for knowing how worried people were about him and failing to give updates. The person went as far as saying they’d “lost respect” for the celebrity because of that.

Another follower thought someone was lying as they couldn’t understand how the singer had a faded haircut during a recent sighting on a boat but was now “bald as a newborn baby’s” bum on that day. A media agency uploaded the sighting the person was referring to on the same day Glenn interacted with Foxx.

Jamie’s First Public Sighting After His Hospitalization
Although it needed to be made clear when the clip of Foxx riding a boat actually occurred, the YouTube footage was shared by TMZ on the same day Glenn saw him in Chicago. However, as the second person said on Ellis’ post, this time, the actor had his usual short hair haircut.

The actress says she was told Foxx was doing things the way he always did but was well and resting.

The comedian’s appearance was said to be the first time he was seen after his hospitalization. Foxx’s choice not to update his fans on his health and well-being had started making some people paranoid, with one person replying to the video asking:

“Is that really him?”

Another upset responder urged media companies to stop messing with people before sharing a conspiracy theory. The follower said people knew Foxx was “no longer with us” before adding:

“That’s a clone.”

During an interview in June 2022, Porscha Coleman, Foxx’s “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” co-star, spoke about his choice not to reveal any details about his health. The actress shared how she wasn’t surprised that the comedian wasn’t showing much, stating he was someone who valued his privacy.

Coleman referred to how the singer kept his dating life private and away from the public as much as possible. However, the star shared how she’d reached out when she heard he wasn’t well to find out about his health.

The actress says she was told Foxx was doing things the way he always did but was well and resting. Coleman urged the public to “trust and believe” that her co-star would return to the entertainment industry.


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