Harrison Ford’s Son Shows Rare Pics of Younger Dad Who Raised Him When He Was a Carpenter before Fame

Harrison Ford’s Son Shows Rare Pics of Younger Dad Who Raised Him When He Was a Carpenter before Fame

Harrison Ford’s eldest son, Benjamin Ford, recently posted rare photos of the actor on his 81st birthday.Benjamin saw his father work as a carpenter before becoming a Hollywood star.Although Harrison parted ways with his first wife when his eldest son was 12, he co-parented his children despite being married to his second wife.

Harrison Ford, the “Indiana Jones” star, rose to fame in the 1980s after appearing in multiple films that won him awards. He built a successful career with his stellar acting skills, but his family life took an unexpected turn.

Harrison’s journey in Hollywood has been inspirational as he played some of the best roles in many super-hit movies. His fans have watched him age gracefully, but Harrison’s latest “Indiana Jones” film makes it seem like he won’t slow down anytime soon.

When he turned 81 on July 13, 2023, his eldest son, Benjamin Ford, took to Instagram to celebrate his “Pops'” birthday. Benjamin uploaded four rare black-and-white photos of his father, the first featuring a young Harrison touching a snake. Benjamin captioned the post:

“Contrary to popular belief, my dad does not hate snakes.”

The remaining photos featured the father-son duo at different stages of Benjamin’s life―adulthood, adolescence, and infancy. Over 3,000 Instagram users liked the 56-year-old’s tribute to his father.

How Did Harrison Raise Benjamin as a Young Dad While Working as a Carpenter?
Before becoming a big name in Hollywood, Harrison lived a simple life while working as a carpenter. For Harrison, Wisconsin was where some of the most significant events of his life occurred: he met Mary Marquardt, who later became his wife and the mother of his children, and graduated from Ripon College in 1960.

The actor met Marquardt in college and tied the knot with her in 1964. Two years later, the couple welcomed their first child, Benjamin, followed by his brother, Willard, in 1969. However, the couple parted ways in 1979, 14 years after saying their wedding vows.

Benjamin was barely a teenager when his parents divorced. The then-12-year-old knew his father as a carpenter and often accompanied him to building sites, learning new things about carpentry.

While recalling his childhood, Benjamin said he “missed out on the fun” because Harrison had only started gaining fame when he divorced his wife. “He only started to find success as I was becoming a teenager,” Benjamin recounted.

One of Benjamin’s fondest memories of when his father initially gained fame was their vacation in Hawaii. He remembers how they roasted a whole pig on the beach, one of the dishes Benjamin is now known for as a chef.

After parting ways with Marquardt and rising to fame, Harrison lived a busy life, but Benjamin thinks his father always had time to spend with him. “My father was definitely around when I was growing up. He was a constant, and he likes to cook too,” Benjamin revealed his feelings about Harrison.

In his recent interview with Esquire, Harrison expressed his feelings regarding parenthood. He believes his fame stopped him from being a better parent, saying:

“If I’d been less successful, I’d probably be a better parent.”

How Does Benjamin Thank His Dad for Encouraging Him to Become a Chef like His Mom? After divorcing Marquardt, Harrison tied the knot with his second wife, and their marriage lasted for 18 years. Then, the actor married his current wife, Calista Flockhart, in 2010. However, marrying other women did not mean the actor lost contact with his first wife.

He co-parented his kids with Marquardt, which is one of the reasons Benjamin respects his mother a lot. He said, “That she was able to stay friends (with Harrison) for her children says how special she is.”

After inheriting a passion for cooking from his mother, Benjamin now owns his restaurant, Ford’s Filling Station, which offers a delicious variety of barbecues. Besides serving visitors who love barbecue, Benjamin often sees his father dine in at the restaurant with Flockhart and their son, and the four enjoy each others’ company.

Following his passion for food and barbecue, Benjamin wrote a book, “Taming the Feast,” to “inspire” people to make good barbecue. He wrote recipes catering to around 8-10 people because he always enjoyed having food on a large spread, surrounded by many people.

Growing up to become a successful chef wouldn’t have been possible without his father’s support. In his Father’s Day post on Twitter, Benjamin shared a photo of the father-son duo grilling some wings. Benjamin said:

“He taught me resiliency as a young father and later helped give me the courage to pursue my dreams.”

Benjamin considered his mother an inspiration for becoming a well-known chef, but he feels equally grateful to his father for unconditionally supporting and encouraging him in pursuing his dreams. The two men share a similar love for food and barbecue.


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