Catwoman Lee Meriwether ‘Looks Great’ at 88 after Finding Love at 51 and Becoming a Grandma

Catwoman Lee Meriwether ‘Looks Great’ at 88 after Finding Love at 51 and Becoming a Grandma

Lee Meriwether, most popularly known for playing Catwoman in “Batman: The Movie,” celebrated her 88th birthday on May 27.After a failed first marriage, she wed Marshall Borden, and their union is reportedly deemed one of the happiest in Hollywood.Today, she leads a fulfilling life as a devoted wife, a caring mother of two, and an affectionate grandmother of one.

Lee Meriwether, born on May 27, 1935, in Los Angeles, California, is an actress known for her memorable roles in various science fiction and fantasy productions during the late 1960s. She gained recognition for portraying Catwoman and Kitka in the 1966 film “Batman: The Movie,” where she had a romantic connection with Bruce Wayne.

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Meriwether also appeared in the series “The Time Tunnel” (1966) as Dr. Ann MacGregor, aiding time travelers lost in different eras. Moreover, she played Losira in the 1969 “Star Trek” episode “That Which Survives” and portrayed a concerned “giant” mother in the Irwin Allen series “Land of the Giants” (1968).

Over the years, Meriwether has been hailed for aging gracefully and staying faithful to her craft. In a January 2013 interview, the “Barnaby Jones” actress, who was crowned Miss America in 1955, discussed her approach to embracing the beauty of aging at the age of 77.

However, she dismissed these rumors, stating they were only good friends.

When asked if she had any desire to slow down, Meriwether replied, “Oh no, it’s fun. I love it.” She was also asked about her secret to looking so beautiful and graceful as she aged, particularly noting her stunning appearance in a photo on her website.

The “Suspense” alum humbly attributed some airbrushing to the photo but primarily credited her genes for her youthful appearance. She shared that her mother looked fantastic even at the age of 96. Meriwether also revealed her technique of rubbing her face upward while washing and applying makeup and incorporating regular exercise at the gym three times a week.

In addition to physical practices, Meriwether emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive outlook toward people. She acknowledged that while laugh lines are inevitable, we should embrace them as part of the laughter and joy in life.

Meriweather turned 88 on May 27. When photos of the Hollywood diva made rounds on Facebook, they left her fans charmed by her timeless beauty and vibrant spirit. Many couldn’t help but shower the former Miss America with affectionate comments. “Hasn’t aged a day,” wrote one netizen. “If that is a recent picture of you-you look Great at 88 [sic],” gushed a second user.

“The Ultimate Gift” star’s appearance in a March 2022 interview garnered praise from several YouTubers as well. Many complimented Meriwether for looking awesome and beyond beautiful without surgery. Others hailed her craftsmanship, showering her with love for slaying as Catwoman.

Meanwhile, others appreciated her fo exuding class, confidence, and sophistication and displaying a natural talent for acting. She also amassed support for her stylish clothes and being incredibly down-to-earth.

Inside Lee Meriwether’s Two Marriages & Motherhood Journey
Meriwether’s personal life has been a subject of interest for media and the public alike. In 1956, rumors began circulating, romantically linking her to Joe DiMaggio, the former husband of Marilyn Monroe. However, she dismissed these rumors, stating they were only good friends.

A few years later, she found love with actor Frank Aletter, whom she met in her acting classes. His kind, considerate, and gentle nature won her heart, and they got engaged on New Year’s Eve in 1958, with Aletter presenting Meriwether with a one-carat diamond ring.

Their love blossomed, leading them to exchange vows in a charming afternoon wedding held at a church in Meriwether’s hometown, San Francisco. Meriwether, radiant in a lace and satin gown, walked down the aisle to marry the man she described as her rock.

Both Aletter and Meriwether experienced success in their respective acting careers. Aletter starred in the sitcom “Bringing Up Buddy” and made appearances in popular shows like “The Twilight Zone” and “Perry Mason.”

Meriwether, known for her beauty and talent, appeared in iconic TV shows such as “Star Trek,” “Batman,” and “Perry Mason.” She even secured a major role in the short-lived series “The Time Tunnel.”

Their careers flourished while their family grew, blessed with the addition of two daughters: Lesley Aletter and Kyle Aletter.

Despite their professional accomplishments, by 1974, their marriage had become strained. Meriwether acknowledged the importance of not allowing outside anxieties to affect their home life. In an amicable decision, they separated for the sake of their children.

In 1986, Meriwether, then 51, married actor Marshall Borden, finding lasting love and happiness in their union. They have since become known as one of Hollywood’s happiest couples.

The duo has shared the stage in various theater productions, including the female version of “The Odd Couple” and Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite.” Together, they have brought joy to audiences and continue to thrive in their personal and professional lives. They are often spotted holding hands and beaming joyfully in public, such as their appearance on the “Love Letters To Lee Meriwether” premiere in February 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Besides leading a happy married life, the “Kitty” actress is often doted on by her daughters. Lesley and Kyle have shared sweet tributes for their mother on numerous occasions, like Mother’s Day and the Hollywood beauty’s milestone 88th birthday.

Lee Meriwether’s Life as a Grandma
As of 2018, Meriwether resides in Los Angeles with her actor and playwright spouse, Borden. Her oldest daughter, Lesley, followed in her parents’ footsteps and pursued a career in the entertainment industry as a stuntwoman, working on notable productions and serving as co-governor for the Stunt Peer Group of the Television Academy.

On the other hand, Kyle found her passion behind the scenes and worked as an administrative assistant. Kyle is happily married to Rory Oldham, and together they have a child, Ryan Isabelle, making Lee a proud grandmother.

In addition to making appearances with her husband and daughters, Meriwether loves wearing her grandma cap and was spotted doing so at the opening night performance of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in L.A. with Ryan in 1995.

Today, Meriwether’s only granddaughter, Ryan, is no more a little girl and is all grown up, married, and with a family of her own, making her mom Kyle and her aunt Lesley, grandmothers, and Lee a doting great-grandma.


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