Amanda from ‘Melrose Place’ Is Engaged at 61 after Being on Psychiatric Hold — She’s ‘Stunning’ Now & Has a Lookalike Child

Amanda from ‘Melrose Place’ Is Engaged at 61 after Being on Psychiatric Hold — She’s ‘Stunning’ Now & Has a Lookalike Child

Heather Locklear, a.k.a. Amanda Woodward from “Melrose Place,” has successfully transformed her life and appears “stunning” in a camo top and matching tight pants at 61.The actress has had a lot of ups and downs in life but is now engaged and has an intellectual grown-up daughter who is her spitting image.

Heather found a man with whom she’s ready to be with “for the rest of [her] life,” and she has known this man for years.Heather Locklear made a name for herself by playing Amanda Woodward in the hit TV show, “Melrose Place.” After finding success as an actress, Locklear’s life hit a few road bumps, but at 61, she has managed to get back on her feet after facing a number of setbacks.

In 1986, Locklear married her first husband, musician Tommy Lee, but the union sadly didn’t last. The pair were married for almost ten years when they decided to go their separate ways in 1993. A year later, Locklear remarried and spent more than a decade with her second husband, Richie Sambora until they divorced in 2007.

Locklear and Sambora also shared a daughter — the actress’s only child, Ava Sambora. Following her divorce from Sambora, Locklear’s life took a turn for the worse. She struggled with substance abuse for years, seeking professional help on numerous occasions. Locklear has also confessed to struggling with her mental health.

Fans were also glad to see the actress maintain a good relationship with her daughter, Ava.

Over the years, Locklear has seen the inside of rehabilitation institutions a number of times. In 2019, she was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold after an incident in which she became physically violent toward a police officer. In court, the actress pled guilty to eight misdemeanors.

Luckily, the judge ruled that Locklear wouldn’t get a 120-day jail sentence, opting instead for a 30-day stay in a residential mental health facility. Locklear took full responsibility for her actions, saying she hoped to make amends after the incident and get sober.

In 2020, Locklear celebrated one year of sobriety in a post on Instagram. She captioned it, “Hugs will come later! 1 year sober today!!!” As of recently, the 61-year-old looks “stunning” with her “peeps” as evident in a photo she shared of herself with some close friends.

How Does Heather Locklear Look Now at 61?
On May 10, Locklear shared an image of her with Jason Boyleston, Sharan Magnuson, and another close friend. The actress looked remarkable in the picture, wearing a pair of tight-fitting dark green camo pants matched with a top bearing the same print. The outfit complemented her sleek figure, leaving fans astounded at how youthful Locklear looked, with one commenting:

“You all look like teenagers! Must be that Malibu healthy lifestyle 🌝🌊.”

Many more compliments followed, all saying how tremendous and youthful Locklear looked at 61. One fan wrote, “You Look absolutely amazing Heather!” Fans were also glad to see the actress maintain a good relationship with her daughter, Ava.

Although her first two relationships failed, she was determined to make her third last.

On Ava’s 25th birthday, Locklear shared images wishing her daughter a lovely day. The caption read, “Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I know. I love you to the moon and back!!” Fans noted how similar Ava and her mother looked, with one person writing:

“Gorgeous! She is your mini me! Happy Birthday 🎈 Many happy healthy more!”

Like her famous mom, Ava has beautiful blonde locks and a dazzling smile. She chose not to follow in her mother’s footsteps but completed her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. Locklear proudly congratulated her on her achievement with another Instagram post on May 15. The caption read:

“Such a proud mama. Congratulations my baby, with your masters in MFT. With your hard work and perseverance and kind heart.”

Besides studying, Ava has an active life. Although she didn’t stick with it, she did try her hand at acting too. She has a boyfriend, and she has a close bond with her mom.

Locklear has made a point of putting family first, often cooking for her elderly parents and gardening during the day. She also found love again after her first two marriages failed.

How Did Heather Locklear Meet Her Fiancé & What Did She Say about Him?

In 2020, Locklear revealed she was finally willing to try marriage again after recovering from her addiction. Although her first two relationships failed, she was determined to make her third last. Unlike her first two husbands, Locklear’s latest beau isn’t famous. He’s an average guy Locklear has known almost her entire life.

When Locklear reconnected with her high school sweetheart, Chris Heisser, the result was pure bliss. Sources revealed the two are unbelievably happy together, with Locklear commenting,

“When I’m with him, I go, ‘This feels like home… He just has my back, and I have his. He truly is super special to me.”

A close friend revealed that Locklear and Heisser are in seventh heaven together. Although Locklear showed off her engagement ring, she confessed that she didn’t think marriage was the most important thing. When Heisser’s daughter asked when they were getting married, Locklear commented:

“I’m like, ‘You’re my man for the rest of my life, whether we get married or not.'”

Locklear said she found her way back to a simpler life after going through a rough patch in 2019. Heisser was there for her when she had to confront her addictions and believed she could get sober. Now, the actress is happy to be reunited with her high school boyfriend, and she’s putting all of her energy into making her relationship work.

Locklear is proud of her relationship, even sharing an image of her and Heisser enjoying each other’s company and lounging about in bed. The photo showed the actress in a floral dress, lying on her back and staring into Heisser’s eyes lovingly. The caption read, “Thankful for you.”


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